Melancholy Accident
Many thanks to Christine Hemsworth for this interesting article.

In loving memory of Ann Hinchliffe, the beloved wife of Thomas Proctor Hinchiliffe of Stainforth who departed this life, June 2nd 1890 aged 63 years. Gone but not forgotten.

Ann like many others in Stainforth cemetery has a story to tell, and as she can’t tell it herself I will tell it for her.

She was born in Fishlake and christened Ann Alsop. The Alsop family are a well know local family some of whom were Keelmen. Ann married William Turgoose son of Robert Turgoose Innkeeper and Keel owner of Stainforth. One supposes that this was a good marriage and in 1851 they were on board Williams keel in Mexborough with their baby son John. They probably tied up there on census night. Sadly there is no further reference to John so it is assumed that he died an infant.

Ann and William were making another journey this time on Oddfellow a sloop owned by Robert Turgoose when Ann was to experience such a tragedy that would change her young life. The sad story is told by a newspaper reporter of the day,


Melancholy Accident

“On last Tuesday morning the 25th about nine o’clock in the morning an accident occurred attended with the almost instant death of Captain William Turgoose of the sloop Oddfellow, in Blacktoft Roads bound for London with a cargo of stone. The above vessel left Goole on Monday night proceeding as far as Saltmarshe that tide and got under way the following morning. Having taken his gun out of the cabin and laid it close on deck behind the binnacle, his child, about two years old, came upon deck, and fearing it should touch the gun, hetook hold of the muzzle for the purpose of removing it out of the childs way; when the hammer lock is supposed to have come into contact with an eye bolt that protrudes above the deck, causing the gun to explode, and the poor fellow received the contents in his body. The sight was appauling to his wife, who was very near him at the time. The mate instantly despatched the boy for the nearest surgeon, but life was almost immediately extinct. The deceased a native of Stainforth near Thorne whither he was removed on Tuesday night on board the Thorne Steam Packet John Bull. The desceased was twenty six years old and has left a wife and family to lament his loss.”

William’s Memorial reads,

“Sacred to the memory of William Turgoose who departed this life April 26 1854 aged 26years. All you that come to see this stone, think how quickly I was gone. Death did me short warning give so be careful how you live. Repent in time make no delay I in my prime was snatched away.”

Their son Joseph William Turgoose drowned at sea on February 10th 1871.and is buried in Thorne churchyard beside his father.

William and Ann’s only surviving son married and lived a long life as a keel owner carrying on the family tradition. He named his sons Joseph William in honour of his brother and Alsop Turgoose in honour of the his Mothers family name. Ann worked as a dressmaker and lived on the canal bank in Stainforth.

Later she married Thomas Procter Hinchliffe a keel owner of Stainforth, and worked with him aboard his keel “ Providence” between Stainforth and Hull.




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