In 2014 Stainforthonline celebrated its 10th year since the domain was registered. In recent years there has been little activity with site, especially since STH, the Stainforth forum closed after operating for most of those ten years. To mark our 10th anniversary we have decided to overhaul Stainforthonline and prepare new pages with up to date content. In the meantime the other Stainforthonline associated sites will still be available.

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Stainforth 2001

The Original Stainforth Web Site
The Stainforth 2001 site was launched on New Year's Day 2001 to mark the dawning of the new Millennium. The first pages were written in HTML using note pad and this site is packed with pages about the history of Stainforth, the people of Stainforth, and the issues affecting Stainforth, as well as hundreds of photographs.

Take a look at the Stainforth 2001 Guest book to find comments left by Stainforthians from all around the world.

Miners Advice
Help & Advice, for miners, ex-miners, their widows and their descendants
The Miners Advice site contains mining related history, news and events, as well as practical advice for miners, ex-miners and their families. Mining 2000 looks at the state of the coal industry at the turn of the century.
Made in collaboration by Dave Douglass & A Covell, with contributions from many very talented people.
The sinking of Hatfield Main Colliery in 1916 brought great changes to Stainforth and an influx of people from all over the country who were looking for work and a new home. These pages on the original Stainforth 2001 site cover the history of Hatfield Colliery.
The Pits    
The Pits - A collection of mining photographs
This site was developed during the making of The Miners Advice site and contains photographs of Hatfield Main and many other collieries.
Includes "The Last Days of Blenkinsopp", a collection of photographs taken by miners as their drift mine was taken out of production and eventually sealed.
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