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The little town in ye Saxon Stanford, which signifies stony-ford, so called from a ford of that nature that is here over the River Don, which is passable on horseback in summer time, but are forced in winter to use ye boats."
Thus is Stainforth described by local historian, De La Pryme (1670-1704) in his MS history.
This collection of pages will cover Stainforth's story - from The Battle of Hatfield Moor in 632, to a snapshot of how the village looked in 2001, and then onward into the 21st century.


Stainforth 2001 (and beyond!)

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Where In The World? Where is Stainforth?
632 & Onward The Battle of Hatfield Moor - Stainforth in The Domesday Book, Vermuyden & The draining of The Mere - Crossing The Don
Abraham de la Pryme 1671-1704, Scholar, historian & minister
Keels on the canal The River Don and Canal - from the 18th century to the present day
Hatfield Colliery Past, present and future - A collection of pages covering the history of the colliery, details of current events at the mine, and plans for the future of this Stainforth based coal mine.
Flora & Fauna around Hatfield Colliery There are plans afoot to change the whole area surrounding the colliery. This ecological snapshot will allow us to observe any changes that may take place in the future
Standing on the corner A collection of photographs show the views from Stainforth's street corners
Quintographs A changing view in five frames
Inns Pubs & Clubs of Stainforth

Stainforth's first inns, Working Men's Clubs & Pubs

Links & Contacts

Contact info and links to other sites

Contributions Articles and items which have been contributed for use on this site.
People Stainforth & People
Pioneers of Public Transport Stainforth based transport pioneers
STH Forum Discussions and chat
Local Historian's Scintillating Stainforth Snippets Fascinating Stainforth facts from our very own Local Historian
The Old Board School at Stainforth An extremely interesting article about Thorne Road School - now "The Family Resource Centre" - reproduced here with the kind permission of the author, Peter Dumville
The Development of Stainforth Railway This extremely informative article is also the work of Peter Dumville and tells the story of Stainforth and the railway.

Info Pages
These are pages which have further information regarding a particular area of Stainforth and most are accessed via the button, such as those found in various places in the "Standing on the corner" section. Others are sub-pages from other areas of this site.
The the links below will allow you to view these pages directly.
It is through the use of these "Info" pages that I hope to provide a more detailed background on certain areas of our town.

Station Road <> Salvation Army /
Council / Auction Building
Salvation Army to Council Office to Auction Room, this area is still changing.
Inns Pubs & Clubs of Stainforth               
                           |______ Miner's Welfare Hall
                            |____ The King George Hotel
The first inns were all to be found around the river area - more were built for the new mining community
Stainforth Library / Youthstart Stainforth Project The Stainforth story, in decorative art. Made by the youth of Stainforth, this original piece of art is displayed outside Stainforth library.
Meadow Court Greyhound Racing Stadium The story of Stainforth dog track. The greyhound stadium has seen many changes of the years.
Stanley Gardens New houses were urgently required for the miners, and Stanley Gardens was quickly erected to fulfill this need
Our Lady Of The Assumption Known locally simply as, "The Catholic Church"
Rose Cottage <> East Lane Pictures showing the restoration of two cottages on East Lane
Billiard Hall / Carpet Centre This large building has occupied the land behind Station Road for 80 years
Stainforth Canal & Keel Families Many visitors to this site have wrote to me about their family links with the people who lived on the waterside at Stainforth. Others have wrote to me requesting information.
This page is simply a list of the families who lived around the canal in the 19th century, and the details concerning them, which I have found while researching various areas of interest.
The Anderson family The Anderson's served the community of Stainforth for the better part of a century.
Jack Pye The story of the world famous wrestler who once lived in Stanley Gardens.
George Porter The winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, born in Stainforth
The Rev. W. Smith The first Vicar of Stainforth 1885 - 1893
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During the construction of this site I referred to a number of sources for information, including books, magazines and the internet.
Stainforth Library allowed me access to the documents and photographs in their archive, for which I give my grateful thanks.
I must also pay a huge tribute to the people who collected information on the history of our village and made it available to others.
Abraham de la Pryme, of whom I knew relatively little before this undertaking, has left the people of this area a veritable treasure with the records contained in his "A Diary Of My Own life". I gleaned much information about this remarkable man through searching the internet and perusing records maintained by the Prime family, who are his direct descendants.
Gen UK contains many items of interest to anyone interested in researching the history of their family or their birthplace.
Of particular value was the works and texts of Norman Barrass, who will be forever remembered as one of Stainforth's greatest historians.
As far as latter day historians go, none can be better informed or more helpful than Peter Dumville. I offer Peter my grateful thanks for his interest and input.

For those I have missed from this list, I apologise and can only say that the list will be amended as I add more to this site.

I have tried establish who owns the copyright to all images used on this site and have asked for permission to use all photographs which have been donated. However, if anyone feels I have infringed upon their copyright, then please contact me and the offending item will be removed.
With respect to written material and the majority of photographs used on this site, I retain the copyright and request that anyone seeking to use my material or photographs for any purpose should please contact me.


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