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The following is a list of brochures and publications which have been published and released by the N.C.B., British Coal, colliery management and others at Hatfield Colliery since the 1970's.

Hatfield Newsletter / Hotline
The main section covers Hatfield Newsletters from 1970 to 1993. These are wonderful historical records showing different approaches to communication between management and workforce and document the changes between the mine being part of a nationalised industry to a privately owned colliery. They are also interspersed with additions from the men who worked at the pit and there are many photographs showing the teams of men who worked the faces and lips, as well as members of the colliery staff over this period.
One such contributor was John Davison, the colliery Surface Superintendent for over thirty years. John was, and still is, a prolific poet, and you'll find a few of his Yorkshire dialect poems in these newsletters. John released another book of his work last year and I hope to add some of his poems to this site in the near future.

Brochures & Reports
The second section has two reports from South Yorkshire Coal, who operated the mine for the last few years of the nationalised industry. They show that even in those dark days of mass pit closures that the management believed there was still a future for coal.
Other brochures in this collection are communications between management and workforce explaining new working practices for working with the latest heavy machinery on newly equipped coal faces.
The Open Day of July 1977 booklet is a copy of a brochure I had but which I have since lost. If you or anyone you know has a copy laying around which you would like to donate, then I assure you it would be gratefully received!

Hot Gossip
The final three pdfs are copies of an 'underground' magazine produced at the colliery by a section of the workforce. 'Hot Gossip' was hated by the management and loved by the men for its anarchic humour and wit. At the moment I have only these three pdf files but I hope to find more and add them in the future.

Some publications are absent from this list and we would like to hear from anyone who has any material which they think will fill the gaps or will otherwise be suitable for inclusion on this page.

Your browser should be able to open these pdf files, but you can also right click on a link and select 'Save Target As...' to save a copy on your hard drive. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to view the files. The average size of these pdfs is around 3Mb, with the largest 'Newsletters Apr 1990' weighing in at a over 22Mb, but that particular file has the added bonus of containing a collection of newspaperclips that were of interest at that time.

Many thanks go to Alg Liutkevicius for all his help and for providing me with so many photographs and documents. I believe this is an important addition to this web site and if not for Alg these newsletters would have long since disappeared.

A thread has been added to the Stainforthonline STH Forum where these items and the photographs and memories they contain can be discussed. If you see anyone you know please go to the forum and tell everyone about it!

Hatfield Newsletter issue 1
Cover of first Hatfield Newsletter 1970

Newsletters June 1987.pdf
Newsletters July 1987.pdf
Newsletters Aug 1987.pdf
Newsletters Sep 1987.pdf
Newsletters Oct 1987.pdf
Newsletters Nov 1987.pdf
Newsletters Dec 1987.pdf
Newsletters Jan 1988.pdf
Newsletters Feb 1988.pdf

Newsletters Mar 1988.pdf
Newsletters Apr 1988.pdf
Newsletters May 1988.pdf
Newsletters June 1988.pdf
Newsletters July 1988.pdf
Newsletters Aug 1988.pdf
Newsletters Sep 1988.pdf
Newsletters Oct 1988.pdf
Newsletters Nov 1988.pdf

Newsletters Dec 1988.pdf
Newsletters Jan 1989.pdf
Newsletters Feb 1989.pdf
Newsletters Mar 1989.pdf
Newsletters Apr 1989.pdf
Newsletters May 1989.pdf
Newsletters June 1989.pdf
Newsletters July 1989.pdf
Newsletters Aug 1989.pdf
Hatfield Hotline 1988
Hatfield Hotline banner used May 1988 to Jan 1991- photograph by A. Covell

Newsletters Sep 1989.pdf
Newsletters Oct 1989.pdf
Newsletters Nov 1989.pdf
Newsletters Dec 1989.pdf
Newsletters Jan 1990.pdf
Newsletters Feb 1990.pdf
Newsletters Mar 1990.pdf
Newsletters Apr 1990.pdf
Newsletters May 1990.pdf
Newsletters June 1990.pdf

Newsletters July 1990.pdf
Newsletters Aug 1990.pdf
Newsletters Sep 1990.pdf
Newsletters Oct 1990.pdf
Newsletters Nov 1990.pdf
Newsletters Dec 1990.pdf
Newsletters Jan 1991.pdf
Newsletters Feb 1991.pdf
Newsletters Mar 1991.pdf
Newsletters Apr 1991.pdf
Newsletters May 1991.pdf
Newsletters June 1991.pdf
Newsletters July 1991.pdf
Newsletters Aug 1991.pdf
Newsletters Sep 1991.pdf
Newsletters Nov 1991.pdf
Newsletters Dec 1991.pdf
Newsletters Jan 1992.pdf
Newsletters Feb 1992.pdf
Newsletters Mar 1992.pdf
Newsletters Apr 1992.pdf
Newsletters May 1992.pdf
Newsletters June1992.pdf
Newsletters July1992.pdf
Newsletters Aug 1992.pdf
Newsletters Sep 1992.pdf
Newsletters Oct 1992.pdf

Hatfield Hotline banner 1990s
Hatfield Hotline banner 1990s


South Yorkshire Coal Annual Report 1985-86

Brochures & Reports


South Yorkshire Coal Annual Report 1985-86.pdf
South Yorkshire Coal Annual Report 1988-89.pdf

Brochure Open day July 1977.pdf

Brochure 104 Face Oct 1989.pdf
Brochure 104 Tail Gate Dev Sep 1988.pdf
Brochure H07 Face Sep 1988.pdf
Brochure NW Return Drivage Sep 1988.pdf


Hot Gossip - Don't believe a word



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