The King George Hotel


The King George Hotel was officially opened on Tuesday the 5th of December in 1922. The building was designed by Frederick Hopkinson and was constructed by Mr. Hopkinson's own company, Messrs Frederick Hopkinson Co. (Worksop) Ltd.

We are told there was no formal ceremony when the hotel opened for business, but Mr. J. Farnsworth, the licensee of The Royal Hotel in Rossington, which was also constructed by Messrs Frederick Hopkinson Co., came to represent Mr. Frederick Robinson, the owner.

Also in attendance were J. Walker and H. N. Berry, representing Hatfield Main Colliery.

The first license holder was Charles Edwin Lister, who had previously served eighteen years in the Royal Munster Fusiliers.

In it’s day this was a large and impressive building, with an extensive area of land enclosed within it’s high red-brick walls.
The hotel turned a steady business until the nearby station was run down and the large sidings area and goods yard was abandoned in the 1960’s.

For a brief spell in the 1970’s the building became well known as one of Yorkshire’s favourite Country & Western venues. Top C&W artistes and would-be cowboys and cowgirls, complete with Stetsons and chaps, pushed their way through the bar’s American western style swinging doors into the Western theme bar room.


In 2000, the following advertisement appeared on the internet, after being placed there by a local estate agent:

The King George Hotel occupies a plot extending to approximately 0.9 acre with a width of approximately 66m and a depth of approximately 47m.

General Rates 1999/2000: Rateable Value: £4,650.00

Rates Payable: £1,934.40

This information was the result of a telephone enquiry with the DMBC on the 18 May 2000.

Note: All sizes quoted above are approximate, metric measurements are taken to the nearest 2cm, imperial measurements are taken to the nearest 2".

VAT: Unless otherwise stated, all prices and rents are quoted exclusive of VAT. Any intending purchaser must satisfy themselves independently as to the incidence of VAT in respect of any transaction.



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