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Creative Stainforth Snippets

1. Stainforth Brass Band entertained in the late 1890's
2. In 1919 the Cantata, The Real Santa Claus, was performed in Thorne Road School. Mollie, a gagged girl, was played by Elsie Whiteley.
3. Stainforth Choral Society was formed in 1921, it's 1st Secretary was Tommy Severn.
4. 4 Stainforth miners came 1st in the Male voice quartette competition at the Royal National Eisteddfod at Swansea in 1926.
5. Stainforth Musical Society was formed in 1928. It's 1st musical was Princess Ju Ju in 1929 followed by Dogs of Devon in 1930, The Gondoliers in 1931 and The Milkado in 1932. etc The society disbanded in the early 1960's.
6. Stainforth Male Voice Choir was formed in 1931. In 2003 they were renamed Barnby Dun Male voice choir.
7. Old Dr Anderson was famous for his concerts and in his concert of 1938 he wrote a play called United. The 1st scene showed a cricket match. This was quite apt as he had played cricket for the old Stainforth cricket team and Hatfield Main Cricket Club.
8. Hatfield Main Brass Band ws formed in 1947.
9. James Himsworth of Silver Street made a model of the Parish Church out of 7,000 pieces of wood and spent 640 hours on it in 1952.
10. Stainforth Concert Society was formed in 1960. It's 1st concert was in the Parish Church when Lawrence Turner(leader of the Halle Orchestra) played. Over the years artistes such as Campoli, John Williams, Peter Katin, Semprini, The Spinners, The King Singers, Max Jaffa, Yaltah Menuhin played. By 1975 over 18,000 had attended concerts. However in the mid 1980's a fall off in membership and support meant the Society had to disband.
11.Dagenham Girl Pipers performed in Stainforth in 1961
12. The present Stainforth library was built in 1961/2.
13. Peterlee Emerald Jazz Band led the Gala Parade in 1963 along with Jimmy Liddle!
14. Mr K. Kaye introduced local History to the Stainforth Secondary school around 1950.
15. James Himsworth was noted to be writing a local history of Stainforth in 1978.
16. John Davison, Surface Superintendent at Hatfield Main Colliery published his Poetry Book in 1978. He initially printed 212 copies but quickly had to print another 500 because it was so successful!
17. Mr Samuel Worrall died in 1968, he was, until retiring, the Managers Clerk at the colliery. He had been Choirmaster at Silver Street Methodist Church Church, Musical Director of Stainforth Musical Society, Secretary of the local Labour Party, Conductor of Stainforth Male voice choir and Doncaster Co-Operative Choir amongst other important positions.
18. Scenes of Stainforth have been used in the filming of Dalziel and Pascoe, the film Brassed Off and the future production in 2005 of Faith.


Stainforth Population Snippets

1801 472, 1811 579, 1821 694, 1831 852, 1841 924, 1851 881 1861 751 1871 748 1881, 782, 1891 726, 1901 806, 1911 816, 1921 2217, 1931 7733, 1951 7126, 1961 7361, 1971 7558, 1981 6987, 1991 6647, 2001(est) 6000.


Ten Stainforth Sportspersons

1. William Moores, World Middleweight Wrestling Champion 1927.
2. Brian Davis Football Sheffield Wednesday 1960's
3. Dr Anderson Rugby Union Yorkshire 1940's
4. George Bailey Football England Schoolboys + Manchester United 1970's.
5. Arthur Severn Cricket Derbyshire 1920's
6. Adele Deakes represented Great Britain at Tae Kwon Do 1993.
7. Alan Lowndes Rugby League Castleford 1970.
8. Ted Tarrant Football Hull City 1950.
9. Michael Chorlton International 5,000 metre Athlete 1980's
10.Steve Spriggs Football Huddersfield + Cambridge 1970's.


Ten more Stainforth Sportspersons

1. Paul Gorman Football Doncaster Rovers +Charlton
2 Russel Nixon Cricket South Yorkshire Schools 1990.
3. Alan Bushby Football Scunthorpe 1950.
4. Jessica Deakes Junior Tae Kwon Do British Champion 2003.
5. Lyndon Bell Football South Yorkshire Schools 1990's.
6. Alan Poskitt Champion Clay Pigeon Shooter 1950's/1960's
7. Jack Pye Heavyweight Wrestling Champion 1930's.
8. John Reed Very successful non-league football Manager. Won Northern Counties East Championship with Hatfield Main and F.A. Vase with Bridlington 1990's
9. Charlie Redmile Very good Cricketer with Hatfield Main, he played competitive cricket at the age of 75 years!
10. Jimmy Walker of Hatfield Main Cricket Club won Doncaster Cricket League Division 2 Bowling Averages in 1942 and Division 1 Bowling Averages in 1943.


Ten Historical Stainforth Structures

1. Market Place, Timber framed building(old Allens shop) late 1600's
2. Town End farmhouse, Ramskir Lane , Dutch Style 1700's.
3. Ashfield farmhouse, Thorne Road , 1600's core.
4. Stone End House, Doncaster Road , 1600's core, old chapel?
5. Stone House, Doncaster Road , Georgian style.
6. Poplar House, Market place, late 1700's.
7. 2 rows of cottages Doncaster Road , early 1800's.
8. Stainforth River Bridge 1768.
9. Fern Cottages, Doncaster Road , 1700's?
10. Croft Cottage, Doncaster Road , early 1800's?


Ten Stainforth Welfare Snippets

1. 1923 Grant of £5,000 to purchase 11 acres of land at The Tofts.
2. 1928 Welfare officially opened at a cost of £11,000
3. 1932 2,000 spectators at pit K.O. final.
4. 1962 Swimming pool opened on old childrens playground site.
5. 1968 Youth Club opened on site of old grass Tennis courts
6. 1989 Last season for swimming pool/Miners welfare closed reopened as Private club.
7. 1991/1992 £150,000 redevelopment of Stainforth Welfare
8. 2000 Stainforth Welfare Bowls team disbanded/ Welfare Hall demolished.
9. 2002 Bowls Pavilion+sprinkler system demolished.
10. 2003 New B.M.X track on old hard Tennis courts opened.


Ten more Stainforth Welfare snippets

1. 4,000 people in the 1st week! including 1,400 schoolchildren used the Swimming pool when it 1st opened in 1962.
2. When it closed in 1989 13,000 swimmers used it in the 16 week season.
3 The swimming pool was filled in in 1990.
4 The £28,000 running track opened in 1971.
5. 1922 The Welfare Committee was formed.
6. 1926 The 1st Bowling green officially opened
7. 1928/9 Hatfield Main Football team played at the welfare until 1955 when they moved to Dunscroft Welfare.
8. 1962 1st Sunday football at Stainforth Welfare (Stainforth United)
9. 1991 Hatfield Main Cricket Club banned by the Doncaster Cricket League from using the Welfare as it was considered too dangerous to play Cricket on. The club came to an agreement with Stainforth Council to buy water! for £1/cubic foot so that the cricket pitch could be watered!!
10. 1937 2nd Bowling green opened and new wooden bowls pavilion(demolished 1970's)


Ten Holy Stainforth snippets

1. In 1885 a tender of £539-85p by Wm Anelay of Doncaster was accepted for a Chapel and lodge at the new Cemetery.
2. In the mid 1970's the interior of the Parish Church was changed, much to the discontent of a number of people.
3. The Primitive Methodist Church on Silver Street opened in 1870 and closed in 1971. It was then used as a Sports Centre, then demolished for the present houses.
4. The present Catholic Church opened in 1956.
5. A Wesleyan Chapel opened in 1820 in Briers Lane , part of it is still standing.
6. The original vicarage was built in East Lane in 1885 and was used until the present vicarage was built on Field Road in 1956.
7. The Wesleyan Methodist Church on Church Road was opened in 1925. In the 1960's a large portion of it was demolished and land sold at the back for a deteached house.
8. The present Parish Church was opened in 1934 replacing the previous Church which was on the site of the Surgery. This church had been built in 1819 and had replaced a previous chapel which reports suggest was near or on the site of the present Stone End House on Doncaster Road .
9. In 1923 Roman Catholic services were held every Sunday morning in the old Council Schools by Father McGarrity of Crowle.
10. The present Spiritulist Church on Station Road was opened in 1936.


Ten Stainforth Railway Snippets

1. In 1855 a single track railway was opened from Doncaster to Thorne Waterside along the canal side with a station at Stainforth. There was no need for an Act of Parliament as the River Dun Company owned the land. The company wanted to build a fixed bridge at Stainforth instead of a draw bridge because a fixed bridge was cheaper. However the authorities insisted on a draw bridge to allow all types of vessel to travel along the canal.
2. In 1856 the 1st passenger trains began to run. 2 trains/day.
3. In 1866 a double track railway was opened on the present route.
4. Between 1913/1916 the track ws widened to 4 lines from Doncaster to Thorne Junction.
5. John Sharpe was Stationmaster at Stainforth Station from 1901 to 1931., his eldest son became Headteacher at Skellow Senior School .
6. There was a railway line along Princess Avenue in the early 1920's to carry materials for house building.
7.In 1969 a Pay on the train system started on the Cleethorpes line. The system started later on the Hull line.
8.In 1980 the station buildings and signal box were demolished and the present shelters erected.
9 In 1992 Stainforth and Hatfield became Hatfield and Stainforth station because regular users were eager to see Hatfield, the larger of the 2 settlements, given prominance.
10. In 2002 a new footbridge and other improvements were made costing Hundreds of thousands of pounds


Eleven Stainforth 1st's

1. Walter Worfolk organised the 1st annual Stainforth Athletic and Watersports in 1894.
2. James Dyson was the 1st Stainforth Council Clerk in 1894.
3. Joseph Smith was the 1st Stainforth mining J.P in 1924.
4. Mr E Wright was the 1st manager of Stainforth Cinema in 1922.
5. Mr E Naylor opened the 1st Chemist shop in Stainforth in 1920
6. The 1st Nobel Prize Winner from Stainforth was George Porter in 1967.
7. Neil Silvester was the 1st Consultant Psychiatrist from Stainforth in the 1990's
8. The 1st Tom Puddings travelled from Stainforth to Goole in 1932.
9. The 1st Telephone box in Strainforth was built in 1931.
10. The 1st Caretaker of Stainforth Cemetery in 1886 was Thomas Machin, he was for many years signalman at the old Haggs wood Signal box.
11. Stainforth ws the 1st village in the Doncaster area whose Public War Memorial took the form of a statue in 1919. Other places, had up to then, built an obelisk or cross.


Eleven Simple Stainforth Snippets

1. When the late Dr Pollock was married in 1951 there were 150 cars in the Bridal Procession!
2. The 1st Summer Holidays with pay at Hatfield Colliery occurred in 1939.
3. The Savoy Cinema became The Savoy Casino in 1963.
4. Elsie Tanner visited the Savoy Casino in 1963.
5. The new extension to the Central Club was opened in 1964.
6. There was a mock Nuclear attack exercise on the Welfare grounds in 1964.
7. In 1959/1960 31 Post Mortems were conducted at the Mortuary.
8. Miss Geldard, Headmistress at Junction Road Junior Girls retired in 1965 aged 60 years.
9. The Stainforth Welfare facilities cost £11,000 to develop in the mid 1920's. They were officially opened in 1928.
10. Ted Smethurst played Professional football for Chesterfield in 1959.
11. There was a "trotting" meeting at the Greyhound Stadium in 1956.


Eight Hatfield Colliery Snippets

1. The clothes and hats worn by the 1st sinkers were made of unbleached calico, soaked in linseed oil for a week then dried. The water would then roll off them.
2. When the 1st ton of coal was brought to the surface all the workers were given 1/2 a crown.
3. Harold Rayner of East Lane recorded the 1st days output at the Colliery and made out the 1st Advice note for the 1st wagon of coal sold.
4. The Stainforth+Hatfield Division of St Johns Ambulance was 1st registered in 1930.
5. 1939 was the 1st year Summer Holidays with pay started. £6,000 was distributed to 1,200 men who had joined a savings scheme supported by the Colliery.
6. When the No 1 shaft had got to 108 yards+ No 2 to 65 yards Messrs Francois ceased to act and sinking was carried out by the Colliery company.
7. To put the permament winding plant/machinary into operation the pit was closed for 3 weeks in 1921. Installation cost £21,000.
8. In 1938 the colliery employed 2,700 men.


Eight further Hatfield Colliery Snippets

1. 1939, Overwind at No 2 shaft, 58 men admitted to D.R.I. 1 man died.
2. Robert Whitmore was the 1st baths Superintendent in 1934. He was, also, instrumental in bringing the 1st Catholic priest to the village in 1919.
3. The Barnsley seam was reached in August 1916.
4. James Woodward of West Bank retired in 1961. He was present when the 1st sod was removed in 1911. He had helped with the early village sports as the Starter and he still had the double barreled starting pistols he had used at the sports!!
5. Fire broke out on Whit Monday 1920 amongst the temporary headgear.
6. In 1920 the colliery employed 700 men who turned out 2,000 tons of coal per week.
7. The colliery lost £9.5 million in 1981+ £6.6 million in 1980.
8. In 1989 the colliery acheived a weekly output of 26,560 tons from 3 faces.


Another 168 Stainforth Snippets

1. Just Kidding!!
2. In 1822 there were 3 shoemakers in Stainforth, i.e Richard Hilton, George Lee and John Westron.
3. On Whit Sunday 1354 John of Stainforth travelled to Roche Abbey for permission to build a chapel at Stainforth.
4. In 1899 Stainforth people were aroused early on Christmas morning by several lots of singers. Stainforth Brass Band played from midnight to 3am .
5.. Stainforth sewerage scheme cost £40,580 in 1921.
6. George Porters uncle(Gilbert Porter) has, possibly, the tallest memorial in Stainforth Cemetary. He died in a road accident near York in 1928.
7. Dr Anderson was in a nasty road accident in Market Weighton in 1927.
8. The United Forces Club was opened in 1935.
9. 730 men+women of Stainforth who served in the forces in the 2nd World War received £2 from the Welfare Home Fund.
10. The next of kin of Stainforth men killed in the 2nd World War also received £2 from the fund.


Ten Spectacular Stainforth Snippets

1. In November 1977 57 dogs were caught in 73 hours by the Stainforth dog catcher.
2. Arthur Garrett (the Grandfather of Lesley Garrett the Opera Singer) played for Hatfield Main Cricket Club in the 1930's
3. Howard Firth played Rugby League for Hull in the 1960's
4. Laurie McMenemy presented awards to Junction Road Boys football team in 1970 for winning the Gundry Shield.
5. At the pit open day in 1977, 800 people had the opportunity to go underground and 10,000 people attended.
6. Rick Harrison started his famous Music Ground shop in Station Road in 1974 and moved to the old Dunscroft Co-Op in 1977. This shop was opened by the Jethro Tull lead guitarist, Mick Abrahams.
7. Local Councillor, Andy Lanaghan, who died in 1999 was Mayor of Doncaster in 1995/1996.
8. Alec+Helen Palmer( Coronation Street i.e Ida Clough) were hosts at the New Inn from 1970 to 1977.
9. Ian Bowling(the Butcher) and South Yorkshire Councillor for Stainforth died in 1977. He had actually drove himself to D.R.I. after becoming unwell.
10. Stainforth Concert Society attracted 18,907 people in audiences between 1960 and 1975.


Ten Stainforth Waterway Wanderings

1. Captain Wilson died in 1953 aged 74 years. He lived at Providence Place, East Bank. His last barge was the Annie Maud.
2. The Stainforth+Keadby canal was recognised by the Post Office in 1993 with the issue of a 28p stamp.
3. John Haylor, Master Mariner of Stainforth, who died in 1896 has written on his headstone at Stainforth Cemetery . Drop the anchor, furl the sail, I am safe within the vale.
4. Mr+Mrs Moxon of East Bank celebrated their Golden Wedding in 1936. Their wedding was the 5th at Stainforth Parish Church . He started work on his fathers keel at 10 years and worked as a keelman for 40 years.
5. Mr W Peck died in 1959 in his 90th year. He was born in Beverley and came to Stainforth when 12 years. He owned his own keel "Faith" for nearly 50 years.
6. Mr+Mrs John Hastings celebrated their Diamond wedding in 1931. He was a former keelman and Bridge Keeper at Stainforth.
7. Mr Aaron+MrsAnne Barrass celebrated their Golden wedding in 1927. He worked for 35 years on the waterways.
8. Dr Anderson jumped into the canal in 1920 and saved a woman from drowning.
9. Stainforth Aquatic Sports started in 1894.
10. Cigar picking and water carrying contests were dropped from the Stainforth Sports in 1900 in favour of a football contest. The 1st time organised football was played in Stainforth.


Eleven Stainforth Scoops

1. The President of Stainforth Traders Association in 1924 was J.S.Porter, the father of our Nobel Prize winner.
2. Stainforth was claimed to be the best lighted colliery village in South Yorkshire in 1925.
3. A maternity and child welfare centre was opened at Church Road Methodist Church in 1928.
4. In 1978, 320 people worked at the Chicken Factory on Briers Lane . 130,000 chickens were processed each week!
5. Allan Appleyard retired from his Field Road newsagents in 1990.
6. In 1958 Mrs Leonard directed that she should be buried in Stainforth Cemetery in a pure white brick vault lined with green leaves and white flowers.
7. March 24 1980 was the 1st day of full integration of T.Severn/S. Morgan and R.Store busses into South Yorkshire P.T.E.
8. After integration the bus fleet at Dunscroft comprised of 23 double deck busses and 4 single decks.
9. The Bus staff, after integration, comprised of 3 Inspectors, 28 1-man operators, 26 crew drivers and 26 conductors.
10. In 1982 Ron Thompson was granted his public racehorse jumping licence for his Haggs Wood stables. His 1st winner was Wise man at Market Rasen on November 19.
11. On February 7 1983 Ron Thompson was awarded his public flat racing licence.


14 Positive 21st Century Stainforth

1. Industrial Units built and widening of East Lane/Station Road junction. 2000
2. Hundreds of thousands of pounds spent improving Primary Education i.e Long Toft School (Doncasters 1st full service extended school) 2003
3. Hundreds of thousands of pounds spent improving Stainforth Railway station 2002.
4. Success of Stainforth Drug Project 2004.
5. New housing along Ramskir Lane 2003.
6. Hatfield Main Cricket Club, Doncaster League Champions 2002.
7. Stainforth football team, Doncaster Sunday League Division 5 Champions 2004.
8. Stainforth Chess Team, Doncaster League Champions 2002.
9. Success of Hatfield Main Brass Band, 2nd Section Winners 2003.
10. Start of Adges excellent Stainforth Web site 2001
11. B.M.X. track opened 2003
12 New town Hall 2004
13 Church Road Methodist Church redeveloped 2004
14. Success of Stainforth Community Partnership, ongoing


14 further Hatfield Colliery statistics

1. 1927 2,000 men 2,400 tons of coal /day
2. 1930 3,600 men 4,000 tons of coal/day
3. 1961 2,600 men 18,000 tons of coal/week
4. 1970 1,730 men 4,000 tons of coal/day
5. 1977 1,770 men 25,000 tons /week
6. 1983 471,000 tons of coal produced-----loss of £8 million
7. 1984 1,709 men
8, 1986 1,086 men
9. 1990 787 men
10. 1991 620 men
11. 1992 459 men
12. December 3 1993 about 300 men-------closed
13. August 9 2001 223 men--------closed
14. January 30 2004 175 men--------closed.


10 additional Hatfield Colliery statistics

1. In 1994/5 Hatfield Coal Company made a £2.4 million profit.
2. 130 sinkers out of a workforce of 300 were employed in March 1915
3. 60% of Hatfields coal in 1977 went to Thorpe Marsh Power Station
4. In 1984 plans were unveiled to concentrate production nearer the pit bottom so that machines could work for 350 minutes/shift instead of 285 minutes/shift.
5. The colliery was expected to produce 613,000 tons of coal in 1984/5 making a small profit. However, the strike started in March 1984.
6.In 1970 1,000 cubic feet of methane was extracted per minute
7. Around 260 youths aged 18 and under were employed at the pit in 1961.
8. In 1936 5,969 "Puddings" delivered 211,609 tons of coal loaded at Hatfield Staithe for Goole.
9. The pit Baths were opened in 1934, they were the 141st pit head baths in the country. They cost £22,000.
10.When the pit was sunk 900 tons of cement was injected into No 1 shaft and 1,200 tons of cement into No 2 shaft. The cement was forced in at a pressure of 1,000 pounds /square inch.


14 Stainforth Colourful Club Facts

1. Stainforth Labour Club opened in a wooden building near the railway station in 1927.
2. The Ridings Private Club(the old welfare) opened in 1989 and closed in 1995.
3. In 1962 the Democratic club took 2 trains (700 children+500 adults) to Cleethorpes. Each child received 12/6p. (62p+1/2p)
4. The Welfare Hall was officially opened in 1928.
5. The Working Mens club purchased Stainforth Hall in 1921.
6. Stainforth Democratic Club opened in 1928.
7. The Savoy Cinema became The Savoy Casino in 1963.
8. The "new" British Legion Club, opposite the George, was opened in 1935.
9. The Central club was opened in 1934 by Alan Leadbeater
10. The original British Legion Club, next to Bowlings, opened in 1920. It was formerly an old army hut.
11. The Welfare Hall was renamed Hatfield Miners Welfare Club in 1953.
12. In 1962 Hatfield Main Working Mens Club took 400 children by train to Cleethorpes. Each child received 10/-(50p)+2/6 (12p+1/2p) for dinner and 2/6 (12p+1/2p) worth of rock.
13. The Waverley Club opened in 1995(the old Democratic)
14. In 1938 there was the Constitutional Club in east Lane formerly it was called the Conservative club.


10 Pre- 1350 facts about the Stainforth Area

1. People 1st came to the Sheffield area 45,000 years ago. The Neanderthals leaving behind artifacts at Cresswall Crags.
2. Around 11,000 years ago, at the end of the ice age, activity spread all across South Yorkshire .
3. Anglo-Saxon settlement began in South Yorkshire in the 7th Century.
4. Stainforth began in these times, i.e Stanford(Stonyford). The stones were probably placed deliberately in a relatively shallow part of the river.
5. Danish Vikings began to settle in Yorkshire about 875 and our area came under Danelaw.
6. Our village name gradually became Steinford.
7. In the Domesday Book(1086) our village is called Stenford and it was larger than Thorne.
8. Our village received its Market Charter in 1348.
9. The Black Death arrived in the area in 1349.
10. 1/3 of the countries population died in the Black Death but, interestingly, workers became economically stronger and richer because there were less people to work on the land.


15 Post 1350 facts about Stainforth

1. Around 1355 the 1st Chapel was built in Stainforth(Coincidence with the new found wealth after the Black death)?
2. In 1379 there were 67 adults and children living in Stainforth, therefore it is reasonable to assume there were 20-25 dwellings.
3. In 1667 there were 65 dwellings.
4. In 1680 a 2nd church was built on the site of the previous one(Stone End Cottage) Doncaster Road .
5. In the late 1600's Old Allens Shop was built( Cruck Building ) Records show only 3 Cruck Buildings are built to the East of Rotherham
6. In 1811 there were 130 dwellings
7. In 1819 our 3rd Church was opened on the site of the present Surgery on Field Road .
8. in 1891 there were 163 dwellings.
9. In 1934 the present and 4th Parish Church was consecrated.
10. In 1988 there were 2,501 households
11. Presumably, in 2004 there are around 2,000 households in Stainforth.
12. It was not until the 17th Century in South Yorkshire that Stone and Brick overtook timber as the main building material.
13. Ings e.g West+East,from Old Norse(Viking) language meant damp, meadowland, seasonally flooded.
14. Toft from old Norse means enclosure/homested.
15. Stainforth is situated on the Humberhead Levels geological zone. This lowland was once occupied by a large glacial lake in which thicknesses of silt and gravel were deposited covering the marls and sanstones which had been deposited earlier in ancient salt lakes and deserts.


Snippets about John Smith Porter, hero of Stainforth.

1. He came to Stainforth around 1920 when he was over 40 years of age. He came from Worsboro Dale, Barnsley
2. His 1st wife(Amy) died in 1914 at the age of 38 years.
3. He gave over 30 years service to the Wesleyan Reform Church at Worsboro Dale where at the age of 14 he was a teacher and 2 years later Secretary of the Sunday School.
4. John and his 2nd wife Alice had an only son George(our Nobel Prize Winner) in December 1920 born at Ash House, Silver Street .
5. In Stainforth John had a General Dealers shop on the site of the old Mullins shop and he also owned the old Floyds shop nearby. He was also in business with his brother Gilbert, a builder, who tragically died in a car accident near Harrogate in 1928. John then took over the business. Gilbert Porter's headstone is perhaps the tallest personal one in Stainforth Cemetery .
6. John Porter bought the Stainforth Pinfold for 5/- per square yard in 1921.
7. John was President of Stainforth Traders Association in 1924.
8. He was for 12 years, until 1937, a member of Stainforth Parish Council.
9. He was Chairman of Thorne Education sub committee and for several years Chairman of the Board of Governors of Thorne Grammar School.
10. He was a Trustee of Stainforth Wesleyan Methodist Church and supervised the building of Stainforth Parish Church . He was associated with all the big improvements of Stainforth.
11. He lived in various houses in Stainforth e.g Silver Street , Oldfield Lane, East Lane.
12. He presided over the opening of the Long Toft School building( Modern School ) in 1937
13.. His last public appearance was when he presided at the opening of Thorne South End School in 1940.
14. He died in August 1940 aged 65 years at Darley House, East Lane , later renamed The Hollies by the Severn Family
15. After a service at the Methodist Church, Church Road he was buried at Ardsley Cemetery, Barnsley along with his 1st wife. His 2nd wife was buried in the same place in 1962.


Sixty Scintillating Stainforth Snippets
(Local Historian wrote this in 2002 when Hatfield Coliery was still open)
Hatfield Colliery now employs around 200 people, but in 1930 it employed 3,600 people.
Dr R.M.L Anderson played rugby for Yorkshire in 1946
There were 40 founder members of Stainforth Democratic Club (The Waverley) when it opened in November 1928.
Professor George Porter, who was born in Stainforth, was the joint winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1967 for research into, "Studies of extremely fast chemical reactions, effected by disturbing the equilibrium by means of very short pulses of energy".
Floradora was presented in the Welfare Hall by the Stainforth Musical Society in 1934
The Welfare Hall was opened in December 1928, and was demolished in 2000.
The first Stainforth vicarage was built in 1885 on East Lane. (East Lane House).
Eric Nash, the Hatfield Main wicket keeper, made 110 in 45 minutes against Goole Town in May 1953.
When Stainforth Athletics Track was examined in 1973, it was found to be only 399.314 metres long, about 27 inches short. The Contractor responsible was ordered back to replace the missing inches!
2,000 spectators watched the Hatfield Main Colliery internal football competition at the Welfare ground between 40s stall and 273s stall in May 1932.
In August 1941 there were 64 Evacuees on roll at Stainforth Boys Secondary School.
Fifty years ago, it was common for half of the boys from the Boys Secondary Modern School to take up employment either at the local Colliery, or in local farming. No wonder employment is a problem in the area today!
The sinking of Hatfield Colliery’s shafts commenced in November 1911.
In January 1925, Joe Davis, undefeated World Snooker Champion, played at the Pit Club.
There were rumours about Stainforth and Hatfield becoming an Urban Council in 1927, but Hatfield were not keen on the idea.
The Commemoration of Stainforth Parish Church occurred on March 17th 1934 at 3 p.m.
Stainforth Salvation Army celebrated 21 years service in July 1945.
Alick Jeffrey, professional football player, became Landlord of The Fox in March 1974.
The present Stainforth Railway line opened in September 1866.
The Bishop of Sheffield in 1993 said in his book "Kings, Canals and Coal", that he hoped the changes to the Parish Church would be undone, especially as the Parish still owned the land behind the church where one day a hall could be built..
Hatfield Main cricket player, Charlie Redmile, who won the Doncaster Cricket League Bowling Averages in 1966, played for the club against Hatfield town in 1988 at the age of 75!
The King George Hotel was opened in December 1922.
Hatfield Main Colliery Brass Band was formed in 1947.
Richard Caborn (Minister for Sport) opened East Lane House in October 1998, but it closed in March 2001.
Hatfield Main Colliery originally provided 1,471 houses for it’s workers.
Stainforth Amateur Swimming Club had 300 members in 1932, when an open air swimming pool was opened in an old sand quarry on Oldfield Lane.
Stainforth residents Brian Davis and Steven Spriggs became professional football players. Brian played for Sheffield Wednesday in the 1960s, and Steven played for Huddersfield Town and Cambridge United in the 1980s.
Unusually, Jimmy Walker of Hatfield Main Cricket Club won the Doncaster Cricket League 2nd Division Bowling Averages in 1942 and the 1st division Bowling Averages in the following year, (1943).
St. Mathew’s Parish Church was opened in 1819 on the site of the present Field Road Surgery, but it was demolished in the late 1960’s.
In 1855 the South Yorkshire Railway were ordered to build a drawbridge, not a fixed bridge, across the canal at Stainforth. (A fixed bridge would have been cheaper!)
Stainforth Lock at the canal basin was closed in 1939.
The South Bank Golfing Society were formed in 1975.
Stainforth Speedway Track was opened on Easter Monday 1930.
The present vicarage was completed in November 1956.
The St. John Ambulance building on Emerson Avenue was opened in 1965
The Catholic School on Thorne Road was opened in 1963.
Stainforth singers won a section at the Welsh Eistedford in 1926.
The Peacock Public House was opened in December 1959. It was demolished in July 2002.
A cricket match took place between the Gentleman and Ladies of Stainforth at Ramskir Park in 1918!
Stainforth Labour Rugby League team played Pilkingtons in n1928.
Stainforth Swimming Pool opened in 1962, and closed in the 1980s. A play park now occupies the site.
Stainforth Cinema on Emerson Avenue opened in 1922 and was demolished in 1996. (I remember Pat Phoenix, a.k.a. Elsie Tanner of Coronation street fame visiting in the mid 1960s to open the Bingo Hall which was situated in the cinema building.
C Marsh & G Nash made an opening stand of 244 for Hatfield Main against Thorne Town in the Doncaster Cricket League in 1936.
The present Stainforth Junior School building was opened in 1937.
It was possible to ice skate on the canal in 1917.
Stainforth cricket team played games against Edenthorpe and Moss in 1881.
Kevin Jones, the present Headteacher of Hall Cross Comprehensive (the old Doncaster Grammar School) was born and educated in Stainforth.
Stainforth Hall was built in 1690 at a cost of £1,300
The 1st Vicar of Stainforth, Rev Smith, died in 1893 due to food poisoning caused through eating tinned tongue.
The Wesleyan Church on Church Road, opened in 1925, was made of Accrington red bricks and cost over £8,000.
Stainforth Mortuary opened in October 1932.
Stainforth Old folks Centre was opened in 1958 by Mrs. E Perry and cost around £7,500.
Stainforth Catholic Church opened in September 1956.
Stainforth Clothing Factory (Stainforth Fashion Industry, or S.F.I.) opened in October 1971 and closed in February 2000.
The 1st Headteacher of Stainforth School, Mr. George Jenkinson, died in 1904 from blood poisoning caused from an insect bite.
In 1894 Stainforth got it's water partly from the canal and partly from shallow wells.
In 1937, 37 boys from Fishlake and Sykehouse attended the new Stainforth Senior Boys School.
560 men were transferred from Thorne Colliery to Hatfield Main in 1956.
Stainforth football team played against Wheatley United in October 1900......... and lost 6-1.
The present River Don Bridge was built in 1768.


Ten Stainforth Snippets (from The Lone Ranger)

1. The 1st long distance Stainforth-Australia telephone call took place on Boxing Day 1937.
2. The 1st person to receive wireless signals in Stainforth was F.F. Bowling in 1930.
3.In 1936 Miss Doris Wardle of Stainforth was married in the oldest Methodist Church in Asia . i.e Pettah in Sri Lanka .
4.A telephone kiosk was erected opposite the cemetary in 1931
5.Stainforth Whippet Club was formed in 1929.
6. Stainforths 1st Pedestrian crossing was opened in 1937.
7. Blue Line busses were bought by South Yorkshire for £400,000 in 1979.
8. The, well remembered and loved? Chicken Factory closed in 1983.
9. Stainforth Parish Council was formed in 1894.
10. Stainforth streets lit by Electricity in 1925.


Ten Special Snippets (from The Lone Ranger)

1. In 1927 when Stainforth Police station opened there was betting as to who would be the 1st prisoner and which Policeman would make the 1st arrest.
2. There were 163 houses in Stainforth in 1891.
3. Stainforth Mortuary opened in 1932.
4. Greenfield Club, Dunsville, opened in 1931 and closed in 1995.
5. Arthur Severn of East Lane died in 1949. He had played County Cricket for Derbyshire.
6. Stainforth Old Folks Centre was opened in 1958.
7. Stainforth Parish Church was consecrated in 1934.
8. Stainforth railway signal box was demolished in 1980.
9. Mr John Sharpe was Stationmaster at Stainforth from 1901 to 1931.
10. In 1974 "Sheriff" Alick Jeffrey moved the "Indians" out of The Fox. They moved to a new reservation at the Welfare club.


Ten Stimulating Snippets (from The Lone Ranger)

1. Vermuyden died in 1677 aged 87 years.
2. Stainforth was raided by enemy aircraft in August 1939. i.e 1 or 2 houses in Large Square were demolished causing injuries. Another "bomb" was dropped on Hay Green Fishlake. The welfare was used as a hospital. Dr Anderson organised the "raid" to test medical efficiency!
3. Roman Catholic services were held every Sunday morning in the Council school, Junction Road in 1923.
4. Mr Cannon( Headteacher Junction Road School ) and Mr Allanson(Headteacher Stainforth Modern/Middle School) both retired in 1977.
5. In 1991 Hatfield Main Cricket Club were banned for 8 weeks from playing on the welfare as the pitch was deemed dangerous.
6. North Pier Blackpool opened in 1863 and Blackpool Tower opened in 1894(518ft 9 ins high) Superfluous Snippets!!
7. John Smith Porter, father of George Porter, who was associated with all the big improvements in Stainforth died in 1940. He was buried at Ardsley Cemetary Barnsley.
8. The side of a cottage called Stone End on Doncaster Road is said to be part of the old chapel built in 1680.
9. Haleys ran the Chemist on East Lane Corner for 31 Years.
10. 2 months before the 1st Railway was opened in 1855 the Contractors still wanted to build a fixed bridge rather than a draw bridge over the canal.


Ten Super Snippets (from The Lone Ranger)

1. The 1st Tom Puddings appeared in 1932.
2. The Broadway Hotel opened in 1927.
3. The Sand Pit, Paddling pool and Hard Tennis Courts opened on Stainforth Welfare in 1925.
4.Flat Tops was built in 1923.
5. In 1901, at a meeting of the School Board, there was a discussion whether the Headteacher should be sacked because of poor results.
6. In 1968 there was a mystery leak at Stainforth swimming pool.
7. In 1960 A Stainforth resident applied to the council for permission to hang her washing in her front garden.
8.In 1948 Stainforth canal bridge was replaced by the present fixed bridge.
9. East Lane playing field bought for Junction Road School in 1939.
10. Happy Days Swimming Pool opened in Hatfield in 1934.


Ten supplementary Stainforth Snippets (from The Lone Ranger)

1. In 1926 there was a mixed(Male+Female)! Stainforth Hockey team that played at Ramskir Park .
2. In 1900 Stainforth football club played its 1st ever game.
3. Hatfield Main Cricket club played its 1st game in 1913 and is still going strong.
4. The 1st Caretaker of the Cemetary was Thomas Machin in 1886. He was an ex-signalman at Haggs Wood.
5.In the Stainforth Sports of 1894 there was a cigar picking race!
6. John Whiteley was Landlord of The Fox for 38 years in the early 1900's
7.Stainforth and Hatfield railway station was renamed Hatfield and Stainforth in 1992.
8.Stainforth Demi' (The Waverley) opened in 1928.
9.In 1978 the Junior Section of Hatfield Main Brass Band was formed. The Musical Director was Jim Rigby.
10. The permanent winding gear was installed at Hatfield Main Colliery in October 1921. This meant the pit had to shut for 3 weeks. It was meant to have been completed in the Spring but was delayed by Labour shortages.

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