Many pages on this site deal solely with the history of our village, but without people we would have no history. It's because of people whose lives became linked with our village in one way or another that we have such a fascinating history, and it's because of people who took the time to record that history that I have been able to put together this site.
In this section of the Stainforth 2001 site I'll look at the people who influenced the history of Stainforth. I'll also look at those whose lives were influenced by their Stainforth connections. I'll be writing about people such as the Anderson family, who came to Stainforth and served our small community for almost a century, and people like George Porter, who were born in Stainforth and later became famous throughout the world for their achievements.
I'll also be writing about and adding photographs of "ordinary" Stainforth people, because we all play our part in making the community of Stainforth what it is. It's the "ordinary" people who stand behind the counters of shops and post offices, people who sell carpets, food, drink, newspapers, and hire out DIY equipment. It's the "ordinary" people who mow lawns and trim hedges for others; those who care for the elderly and disabled, those who serve in the pubs, the clubs and other entertainment venues, and those who provide services to others in Stainforth.
I'll also be writing about the "ordinary" people who remember Stainforth at war, people who were part of Stainforth's own "Dad's Army", and people who toiled below ground for little pay in the days before the nationalisation of the coal mines.
This is an ongoing project which I'm sure will take many months just to get off the ground. In the meantime, I'd be happy to hear from anyone with a tale to tell or stories to share about Stainforth.
So, this is the most important part of Stainforth 2001, and these are the People.

© A. Covell 2002

The Andersons came to Stainforth from Scotland at the beginning of the last century. They gained the respect and love of the community they served and will always be remembered as Stainforth's favourite GPs.
The Bard of Barkerville
Who was James Anderson, and how did he come to be buried in Stainforth cemetery?
George Porter was born in Stainforth on the 6th December 1920. He went on to receive a Knighthood and win the Nobel prize for Chemistry
Jack Pye left his home town of Wigan to find work at Hatfield Colliery. For a while he lived in Stanley Gardens, before becoming one of the world's most famous wrestlers!
Families associated with the Stainforth Waterside 1800 - 1930
The first Vicar of Stainforth 1885 - 1893
The people who formed the first local public transport companies, based in Stainforth

Maybe you were! This section of the Stainforthonline site consists of lots of group photographs of Stainforthians at work and play.

The School Days & Sports section contains photographs of football teams, groups of pupils and staff from Stainforth's schools
The Stainforth at Work section contains photographs of Stainforth Doctors in the 1960 and workmen at Hatfield Colliery.
The Fun Days and Socialising section has photographs from long gone Gala Days and some of Stainforths pubs and clubs.
The Hatfield Main Club section contains some of Josh Fleck's collection of photographs, taken at the Pit Club over a twenty year time span.


Again, I must offer my thanks to Peter Dumville for supplying me with information from his own collection of newspaper articles and reports, and without whom this collection of pages would have been an impossible task.



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