Rose Cottages - East Lane


Fortunately for me, my brother once owned the cottages which stand at the end of East Lane. When he bought the cottages they were in a very poor state. He had them repaired and restored and during the process he took a few photographs which show the work progressing.

In 1984, during the miner's strike, he asked myself and some of our other brothers to help by digging the foundations for the garage which now stands at the side of cottages. During the excavations we found hundreds of clay pipe fragments and ashes from long forgotton bonfires. One could almost see the old boys of Stainforth, sitting, smoking and passing the time of day, before tossing the now useless pieces of clay pipes into the smouldering embers of their bonfire.


These are the earliest photographs I know of which show Rose Cottages.
I have no idea who is sitting in the cart but would be pleased to hear from anybody who thinks they may know who the people in the photograph are.


In the picture on the left, the first colour photograph of the cottages, the outbuildings appear to be a fairly good state of repair, wheras in the photograph on the right they are somewhat run down.
The photograph on the right was taken in the early 1980's when my brother first aquired the cottages.


These final two photographs show the cottages in the middle of the restoration work
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