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I have been experiencing problems with regards to finding information on the group behind the wonderful presentation of outdoor art which can be seen outside Stainforth Library. The library staff have been most helpful and have done some searching on my behalf. They have managed to find me a photocopied report from "Youthstart Stainforth" - Paula Jackson (Org.) & Ailsa McInnes (Project), who were at the time based at East Lane House.

The report is an update on the group's activities after five sessions of working with local "young people" and defines the outlines of the project, which was, "To work with the youth group of Stainforth and to carry out consultation and practical workshops which will lead up to the fabrication of a public art work".

Being a photocopy, the photographs used to illustrate it are of poor quality and are not worth reproducing for the internet, but the picture on the right shows a sketch for an early outline of the "time window"

Local Poet, Ian McMillan joined the group for a few days during Spring Bank holiday (2000?) and, using photographs of Stainforth taken by the group, created collage landscapes which acted as inspiration for poetry about Stainforth.

Using elements from the poetry and from reference to a local history book, an idea was formed to create a "time window" containing still life imagery, looking from the present into the past.


The report mentions planned future sessions during which the young people will be encouraged to meet with some of Stainforth's older members in an effort to gather information of Stainforth's past and also to find out what their aspirations for the town were when they were teenagers themselves.
Future workshops were also planned during which groups of young people would create carved individual blocks for placing around the window, or leading to it as "a trail of memories".

Hopefully, I will acquire copies of photographs taken at these workshops and post them on this site later.


Finally, the report tells how finding a suitable site for the sculpture posed something of a problem for Youthstart Stainforth.
After considering several sites around Stainforth, most of which were deemed unsuitable due to location or vandalism problems, it was decided that Stainforth Library would be the ideal place. The report describes the library as, "not the most attractive of buildings from the outside", and goes on to say how the organiser "feels a piece of artwork could raise it's profile".


This is the poetry which inspired the artwork

Stainforth Stainforth
Boring old
Pit Village
Not much gold
Stainforth Stainforth
Village small
Lots of people
Graffitied walls

Ston falt
Stoney fort
Stoney ford

Stainforth Stainforth
The future tense
When you're young you wanna be old
When you're old you wanna be young
It just doesn't make no sense
Stainforth Stainforth
In a thousand years
We'll not be here
So shed some tears
Stainforth Stainforth
Have no fear
There'll be no tears
But there'll be cheers
For a thousand years
Go to the shop and get some.......
Stainforth Stainforth
Happy New Year
We're still here
And so are you
So let's have fun
See what we can do
Dog track
Youth Club
We're obsessed with
Keeping fit
Market shopping
Railway track
You can go to Donny and back
In the cut
Where we're concerned we're staying put!
Credit Union
Community caff
All the people have a laff
Babies crying
Not be long
Till we're all dying
Until then we'll keep on trying
If we grew wings we'd all be flying
All of Stainforth would be below
If it was winter there might be snow
And then the cars would be going slow
None of the flowers would ever grow
Then we'd see the rainbow glow
Stainforth Stainforth
What a place
Coppers give you a good chase
Everyone's got a smile on their face
We're all running the human race







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