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Each Button on the map below represents one or more photographs taken in that area.
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Almost all of these photographs, and there are over a hundred, were taken with a small digital camera, which was one of the first available and was totally lacking of the bells and whistles that are found on today's digital cameras. The pictures are of low quality but give the viewer an idea of what Stainforth looked like at the dawn of the New Millennium.
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List of street corners


Canal <> Bridge <> River Don

Church Road <> Field Road

Church Road <> Junction Road

Church Road <> Oldfield Lane

East Lane <> Bootham Crescent

East Lane <> Coronation Road

East Lane <> East Avenue

East Lane <> Field Road <> Silver Street <> Thorne Road

East Lane Industrial Project

East Lane <> Princess Avenue <> Emerson Avenue <> Hatfield Main Pit Lane

East Lane <> Thomas Road

East Lane <> Victoria Close <> Wagons Way

Emerson Avenue <> Thomas Road

Kirton Lane <> Chestnut Avenue

Princess Avenue <> Junction Road

Princess Avenue <> Field Road

Stainforth Cemetery

Station Road <> Church Road <> Stanley Gardens <> Kingsway

Kingsway<>Duke St.<>Lord St.<>Oldfield Cres<>Oldfield Lane

Station Road <> East Lane

Station Road <> Emerson Avenue

Station Road Shops (or lack of )

Thorne Road <> Coronation Road


List of Info Pages
These are pages which have further information regarding a particular area and which are accessed via the button, or alternatively, by the links below.
It is through the use of these "Info" pages that I hope to provide a more detailed background on certain areas of our village.

Station Road <> Salvation Army /
Council / Auction Building
Salvation Army to Council Office to Auction Room, this area is still changing.
Inns Pubs & Clubs of Stainforth               
                           |______ Miner's Welfare Hall
                            |____ The King George Hotel
The first inns were all to be found around the river area - more were built for the new mining community
Stainforth Library / Youthstart Stainforth Project The Stainforth story, in decorative art. Made by the youth of Stainforth, this original piece of art is displayed outside Stainforth library.
Meadow Court Greyhound Racing Stadium The excitement of greyhound racing, right here in Stainforth!
Stanley Gardens New houses were urgently required for the miners, and Stanley Gardens was quickly erected to fulfill this need
Our Lady Of Assumption Known locally simply as, "The Catholic Church"
Rose Cottage <> East Lane Pictures showing the restoration of two cottages on East Lane
Billiard Hall / Carpet Centre This large building has occupied the land behind Station Road for 80 years





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Canal bridge & River Don Oldfield Lane / Cres. Emerson Avenue - Thomas Road East Lane Industrial Project Kirton Lane - Chestnut Avenue Thorne Road - Coronation Road Princess Avenue - Field Road Princess Avenue - Junction Road Church Road - Oldfield Lane Church Road - Junction Road Stainforth Cemetery Church Road - Field Road East Lane - Thorne Road Station Road - Church Road Station Road - Emerson Avenue Station Road Station Road - East Lane eastlane_boothamcres. East Lane - East Avenue East Lane - Victoria Close East Lane Junction with Coronation Road East Lane - Thomas Road East Lane - Pit Lane - Emerson Ave. - Princess Ave.