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During the construction of the Miner's Advice site I have accumulated many photographs of colliery headgear and surface buildings. This is just a simple page through which I can share my own photographs and those which have been donated for use on the Miner's Advice site.
If you have any photographs you would like to share then please contact me.
If you discover any photographs for which you can claim copyright and do not wish them to be available for public viewing from this site then please let me know and any offending items will be removed.

My thanks go to Stuart Tomlins, Jeff Harris, James Findlay, Vic Lindsay, Keith P Povah, Alg L. Richard Walker,Bill Lugson, Andy Ashworth, John Burrage, Gray (from Armthorpe), and anyone else who I may have missed but has been kind enough to send me their photographs.
Also, many thanks to Andy for providing me with the web space for this project.

A Covell

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I live near and worked at Hatfield Main Colliery. These are from my own collection of photographs.

Hatfield Colliery - Summer 2002

Hatfield Main Colliery
The first of many...

Hatfield Main Dawn
A misty morning.

Panoramic View
Hatfield Colliery on a snowy day.(229k)
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The following were taken at Hatfield during the troubled summer of 2001
Landsale-Main Offices
Stockpile & Main Offices
Wagon loading bay
Night Lights
Night 2
No1 Shaft & Coal Prep
No1 Headgear at dusk
Coal prep plant 1
Coal prep plant 2
Coal prep plant 3
Stock Yard

Inside the Winding House
Winding House
No1 Winding engine 1
Winding engine and gauge
Winding engine controls
Winding drum
Winder operator
No1 Winding engine 2
Power / generator house 1
Power / generator house 2
Power / generator house 3

Other Collieries
Thorne 1
Thorne 2
Gascoigne Wood drifts
Gascoigne Wood entrance
North Selby 1
North Selby 2

These are some of the earliest pictures of Hatfield Main
Aerial view
Building No.1 headgear
First sod ceremony 1
First sod ceremony 2
Pre pit-head-baths
Hatfield Main Colliery
Hatfield Pit Club
Steam winding engine
No.2 pit bottom (old)
No.2 pit bottom (new)
North East Paddytrain

Hatfield Colliery from East Lane, Stainforth


Dawn & Dusk at Hatfield

Dawn May 1986
Dusk August 2005 1
Dusk August 2005 2
Dusk August 2005 3
Dusk August 2005 4
Dusk August 2005 5








Stuart Tomlins
The following photographs were sent to me by Stuart Tomlins of the Shropshire Mining Trust.
Stuart has traveled the length and breadth of Britain, recording images of the last moments of doomed collieries as their surfaces were demolished and crushed .

Bersham 1
The Shropshire Mining Trust acquired Bersham and set up a museum which is open to the public

Bersham 2
Some of the original colliery buildings, including the headgear, are still intact at the site of the former mine.

Bersham Winding Engine
The Trust has also managed to save and restore some of the machinery from the colliery.

Ollerton 1
In March of '84, Ollerton was the first major picket attended by the Yorkshire Area's flying pickets. We were pushed and battered by police as the Notts men demanded to go to work.

Ollerton 2
The result of not remaining a unified union. The UDM sold out to the Tories and this was their reward...

Ollerton 3 - Twisted and torn

Ollerton 4 - A winding engine is all that remains amid the rubble.

Clipstone 1
The headgear at Clipstone, a remnant of the Notts mining industry.

Clipstone 2
Another view of Clipstone's headger.

Daw Mill 1
- Daw Mill 2 - Daw Mill 3
Three views of this Coventry mine.

The last of the North East's pits.

Ellington 2
The No.2 winding engine at Ellington.

Once the Doncaster based home of RJB Mining, Harworth is now under the control of UK Coal.

Houghton Main 1
-- Houghton Main 2
Two views of this colliery's headgear.

Kiverton Park
My memories of Kiverton Park are of misty mornings and police on horseback. This photograph shows the colliery during happier times.

Once the pride of the Derbyshire coalfield

Markham 2
The demise of Markham

Pit top buildings at Penalta Colliery

Point of Ayre (POA)
Shafts 1 & 2

POA Number 3 shaft

Pumps? at POA

This portion of the POA headgear was retained to serve as a memorial for all who gave their lives to the mine.

Another of UK Coal's troubled coal mines.

A building disappears in a cloud of smoke and dust.

Looks like this was taken in the mid-70s, during the time of British Coal.

Various Collieries
A collection of various mining views in Yorkshire
Donated by Richard Walker.

Hatfield & Thorne
Unusual views from Hatfield and early views of Thorne, from Bill Lugson

Annesley Colliery
Three excellent photographs, donated by John Burrage:
Annersley 1
Annersley 2
Annersley 3


Other Donated Images
Please see above for list of those who have contributed to this collection of photographs..

Bettws (Deep) Mine
This small colliery is located in the Bettws Mountain, which is near the villages of Ammanford and Bettws in the beautiful Welsh countryside of Carmarthenshire.
Bettws Colliery Landscape
Bettws Colliery

Blenkinsopp and Wrytree
Blenkinsopp and Wrytree coal mine which are both connected underground are located in the village of Greenhead, two miles from the town of Haltwhistle, halfway between Newcastle and Carlisle on the A69. James Findlay says he is taking as many photographs as possible before the pit is closed later this year.
Blenkinsopp 1
Mine car - signpost
Blenkinsopp  - Summer 2002
*** Update***
Blenkinsopp is now closed.
This is a small selection from the huge photographic record assembled by James Findlay & Peter Bridges.
The last days of Blenkinsopp

In 1939 Penalta earned the European Record for windings of coal in a single week. Penalta ceased production and was closed in 1991
Penalta downcast 1
Penalta downcast 2
Penalta upcast 1
Penalta upcast 2

Ricall - The Selby Complex
Ricall Colliery is located a couple of miles to the north of Selby and just east of the A19 York road.
These photographs were taking during the sinking of the shafts and show the platform, from which the men worked, and the shaft sinkers themselves. Does anyone recognise any faces?
Ricall shaftesinkers 1
Ricall shaftsinkers 2

Rossington is located some 5km south east of Doncaster, and was taken over by RJB Mining in 1994.
The mine has recently had a turbulent time due to man-management relations.
Mayday Parade
Rossington memorial dedication 1
Rossington memorial dedication 2
Rossington memorial dedication 3
Rossington memorial dedication 4
Rossington memorial dedication 5
Rossington headgear
Rossington 2000
Rossington 2000_2

Tower Colliery, established in 1864, is located near the village of Hirwaun, in Glamorgan, South Wales.
Tower Landscape
Tower headgear

New Stubbins
Many thanks to Alg L. for these pictures and information.
Some details.
Cutting the first sod
Stubbin headgear 1
Stubbin headgear 2
Stubbin headgear 3
Stubbin headgear - Sinking the shafts
Building the pit top

Frickley, Manvers & Corton Wood
A collection of photographs, sent to me by Phil Dyson, ex-Frickley & Manvers blacksmith.
Frickley & Manvers

Markham Main
Armthorpe, Doncaster
All that remains of No 2 Shaft
Photograph - Gray from Armthorpe

Manvers Coking Plant
Andy Ashworth sent us this panoramic view of the demolition of the Manvers Coking Plant

Martyn from Pooley sent these pics of Baddersley and a group photo of miners at Pooley:
Baddersley 1
Baddersley 2
Baddersley 3
Baddersley 4
Pooley Group


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